Below you can find a list of every visible tool used in the creation of this site

General disclaimer

I have tried to source as much as I can; if you believe I missed a project, don't be afraid to inform me, I'm more than happy to credit you!

In addition, please be aware that inclusion of anyone's code or libraries in this site is by no means an endorsement or agreement in any form of any of the people listed below. I am sparse in my endorsements and would rather have those reflect in my writing rather than the tools used to put this site together.

Tools used

This site would not be possible without the following frontend facing tools and libraries:

In addition, the site theme is a highly modified version of the design used at (which is ISC).

The font in the top right is CyberpunkWaifus, a font (roughly) based on the font used in the game VA-11 HALL-A. I am not fully sure where I got it from, but you can download it here and I think you can basically use it as you see fit, given the oldest reference I can find is on the Steam forums, where it was shared for those interested.

Licensing of content

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