Privacy Policy

tl;dr: We aren't collecting anything on you that you don't give to us, stop fussing.

Passive collection

This site is a static site. This means that there is no backend; everything is just HTML files made by a static site generator, ran over nginx.

Nginx logs your IP address, as well as the page you visit, for security reasons when you visit a page. If you are not a fan of this, use a VPN or a public proxy.

When normally browsing the site, I use a program called shynet to log some small amounts of data about you as a visitor. Specifically, I collect the following data:

  • Your device
  • The pages you visited
  • Any referral links you may have used

This data is not collected using cookies; rather sessions are determined over the amount of pages you visit over the course of 30 minutes. Collection works even when Javascript is disabled by making use of an invisible tracking image. The base for the tracking script is public and can be examined here.

If you want to opt out of data collection, enable "Do Not Track" in your browser settings. The specifics of this vary per browser, but usually it's somewhere in the privacy tab.

Active collection

Comments on the site are provided with a self-hosted version of remark42. When you comment, only the absolute minimum of data is stored to permit moderation.

Specifically, the following data is stored when you comment on this site:

If you don't register:

  • A hashed IP address
  • A unique ID
  • The contents of your comment
  • Your username

If you comment when registered:

  • A hashed IP address
  • A unique ID
  • The contents of your comment
  • A link to your avatar

If you commment over OAuth, the same content as listed before will be returned, except we discard any extra data needed beyond identifying you as belonging to that specific service.